Please select the form you are required to apply for Digital Signature according to the purpose of use of Digital Signature:

Types Of FormsCapricornSIFY
(A) Class 2 Individual(Required for Income Tax, ROC, GST, Provident Fund, IEC Application TDS etc.)DownloadDownload
(B) Class 2 with Organisation Name(Required for eTendering in some websites and for GST,Provident Fund, TDS )DownloadDownload
(C) Class 3 IndividualDownloadDownload
(D) Class 3 with Organisation Name (Required for eTendering in Railway, NTPC, Indian Oil, Power Grid, ONGC, Online Auction etc.)DownloadDownload
(E) DGFT/EXIM (For Online Application for Import-Export Licence etc)DownloadDownload
(F) Digital Signature Form For Bank Officials and Government OrganisationsDownloadDownload
(G) Digital Signature Form For Foreign Individuals
(H) Revocation FormDownloadDownload