E-procurement (electronic procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer or business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services through the Internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning
E-procurement is done with a software application that includes features for supplier management and complex auctions. The new generation of e-Procurement is now on-demand or a software-as-a-service.

The e-procurement value chain consists of indent management, eTendering, eAuctioning, vendor management, catalogue management, Purchase Order Integration, Order Status, Ship Notice, eInvoicing, ePayment, and contract management. Indent management is the workflow involved in the preparation of tenders. In goods procurement, indent generation activity is done online. The end result of the stage is taken as inputs for issuing the NIT. Public sector organizations use e-procurement for contracts to achieve benefits such as increased efficiency and cost savings (faster and cheaper) in government procurement and improved transparency (to reduce corruption) in procurement services. E-procurement in the public sector has seen rapid growth in recent years. An e-procurement system manages tenders through a web site. This can be accessed anywhere globally and has greatly improved the accessibility of tenders.

1Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limitedhttps://bpcleproc.inClass 2/class 3 signing encryptionABC PROCUREMENT
2Bharat Heavy Electricals Limitedhttps://bhel.abcprocure.com/EPROC/Class3 signing with encryptionABC PROCUREMENT
3Employees State Insurance Corporationhttps://esictenders.eproc.inClass 3 signing with encryptionC1 INDIA
4Balmer Lawriehttps://balmerlawrie.eproc.inClass 2/3 signing with encryptionC1 INDIA
5National Projects Construction Corporation Limitedhttps://npcc.eproc.inClass 3 signing with encryptionC1 INDIA
6Rites Tenderhttps://rites.eproc.inClass 3 signing with encryptionC1 INDIA
7Indian Railway Eprocurement Servicehttps://www.ireps.gov.inClasss 3 signingIREPS
8Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limitedwww.tenderwizard.com/BSNLClass 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
9National Institute Of Science Education & Research (NISER)https://www.tenderwizard.com/NISERClass 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
10Institute Of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Appliedhttps://www.tenderwizard.com/CTANIHMClass 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
11Hindustan Aeronautics Limitedhttps://eproc.hal-india.com/HAL/Class 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
12Life Insurance Corporation Of Indiahttps://www.tenderwizard.com/LICClass 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
13Central Public Works Departmenthttps://www.tenderwizard.com/CPWDClass 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
14State Bank Of Indiahttps://sbi.abcprocure.com/EPROC/Class 3 signing with encryptionABC PROCUREMENT
15Power Grid Corporation Limitedhttps://pgcileps.buyjunction.in/PGCILClass 3 signing with encryptionMETAL JUNCTION
16Ordnance Factory Boardhttps://ofbeproc.gov.in/ofbeprocClass 3 signingMETAL JUNCTION
17Mstc E Tenderhttps://www.mstcecommerce.com/eprochomeClass 2/3 signingMSTC
18Mstc Ecommerce For Eauction https://www.mstcecommerce.com Class 3 signingMSTC
19Indian Space Research Organisationhttps://eprocure.isro.gov.inClass 3 signing with encryptionNEXT TENDERS
20Damodar Valley Corporationhttps://etender.dvc.gov.inClass 3 signing with encryptionNEXT TENDERS
21Department Of Atomic Energyhttps://etenders.dpsdae.gov.inClass 2/3 signing with encryptionNEXT TENDERS
22North Eastern Council Secretariat, Shillonghttps://nec.euniwizard.com/Class 3 signing with encryptionNEXT TENDERS
23Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineershttp://eprocuregrse.co.inClass 2/3 signingNIC
24Central Public Procurement Portalhttps://eprocure.gov.inClass 2/class 3 signingNIC
25West Bengal E Tenderhttps://wbtenders.gov.inClass 2/3 signingNIC
26Coal India Etenderhttps://coalindiatenders.gov.inClass 2/3 signingNIC
27Central Public Procurement Portalhttps://etenders.gov.inClass 3 signingNIC
28Ntpc Limitedhttps://eprocurentpc.nic.inClass 2/3 signingNIC
29Indian Oil Corporation Limitedhttps://iocletenders.nic.inClass 2/3 signingNIC
30Bharat Earth Movers Limitedhttp://www.bemlindia.com/eprocurementClass 3 signing with encryptionSRM
31Bhilai Steel Plant Sailhttps://eproc.sail-bhilaisteel.com/irj/portalClass 3 signing with encryptionSRM
32Oil & Natural Gashttps://etender.ongc.co.in/irj/portalClass 2/class 3 signingSRM
33Oil India Limitedhttps://etender.srm.oilindia.inClass 3 signing with encryptionSRM
34Gas Authority Of India Limitedhttps://etender.gail.co.inClass 3 signing with encryptionSRM
35NTPC-SAIL Power Company Limited (A Joint Venture Of NTPC & SAIL )http://srmportal.nspclsrijan.co.in:50000/irj/portalClass 3 signingSRM
36Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limitedhttps://etender.hpcl.co.inClass 2/3 signing with encryptionSRMClass 3 Individual may also work
37National Aluminium Company Limitedhttps://epci.nalcoindia.co.in/irj/portalClass 3 signing with encryptionSRMClass 3 Individual with encryption may also work
38Andhra Pradesh Tenderhttps://tender.apeprocurement.gov.inClass 3 signing with encryptionVUPADHI
39Talangana Tendershttp://eprocurement.telangana.gov.inClass 3 signing with encryptionVUPADHI
40Commonwealth Handling Equipment Poolhttps://eproc.cgstate.gov.in/CHEPSClass 3 signing with encryption
41Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-Operative Limitedhttps://www.iffcoindia.comClass 3 signing with encryption
42Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd.http://sets.mahagenco.inClass 3 signing with encryption
43Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limitedhttp://eproc.nlcindia.comClass 3 signing with encryption
44Bihar Eprocurementhttps://www.eproc.bihar.gov.in//BELTRONClass 2/class 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
45Sikkim Tenderhttps://sikkimtender.gov.inClass 2/class 3 signingNIC
46Tripura Tenderhttps://tripuratenders.gov.inClass 2/class 3 signingNIC
47Odisha Tenderhttps://tendersodisha.gov.inClass 2/class 3 signingNIC
48Uttar Pradesh Tenderhttps://etender.up.nic.inClass 2/class 3 signingNIC
49Bsnl Kolkata Tenderhttps://www.tenderwizard.com/BSNLKOLClass 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
50Government Of Madhya Pradeshhttps://www.mpeproc.gov.in/Class 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
51Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limitedhttps://bvfcl.etenders.inClass 3 signing with encryptionNEXT TENDERS
52Punjab National Bankhttps://pnbindia.biz/loginClass 3 signing with encryptionNEXT TENDERS
53Bharat Electronics Limited Eprocurement Portalhttps://hpcrmp.iscodom.com/irj/portalClass 3 signing with encryptionSRM
54Bharat Electronics Limited Eprocurement Portalhttp://eprocurebel.co.inClass 2/class 3 signingNIC
55Telecommunications Consultants India Limitedhttps://www.tcil-india-electronictender.comClass 3 signingElectronicTender Pvt. Ltd
56National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited https://www.tenderwizard.com/NBCCClass 3 signingITIClass 3 Individual may also work
57Assam Tenderhttps://assamtenders.gov.inClass 2/class 3 signingNIC
58Government Of Karnataka Tenderhttps://eproc.karnataka.gov.in/eprocurement/login.seamClass 3 signing with encryptionSRM
59Nuclear Power Corporation Of Indiahttps://npcil.etenders.inClass 3 signing with encryptionNEXT TENDERS
60Vizag Steel Tenderhttps://srm.vizagsteel.comSignature not requiredSRM
61Sail Bokaro Tenderhttps://eproc.bokarosteel.sailbsl.in/irj/portalSignature not requiredSRM
62Tamilnadu Newsprint And Paper Limitedhttps://eps.buyjunction.in/QEPS/security/getTNPLSignInAction.doSignature not requiredBUYJUNCTION
63Mahajenco (Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd.http://sets.mahagenco.inClass 2/class 3 signing with encryptionMKCL
64Sail Durgapur Steel Planthttps://srm.saildsp.co.in/irj/portalSignature not requiredSRM